We want to support residents, visitors and businesses to make the best use of our resources, minimise waste and ensure we repair, reuse and recycle.

Reducing what you waste is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment. From thinking differently about what you buy, to using re-usable items, to composting at home - there are lots of ways to make a real difference. Here are a few simple tips so you can start today.

Get to know the rules of recycling


It’s an easy way to reduce the amount of waste and do our bit.

While it’s better to switch to reusable packaging in your home, recycling is the next best option and it will prevent excess waste from heading for the landfill. Our recycling pages have all the details needed.

Stop buying plastic water bottles

Water bottles and paper coffee cups are huge wastes of material. Buy a durable water bottle and a cute coffee thermos so you can take your beverages wherever you please. You’ll find yourself feeling a lot more hydrated and a lot less wasteful.

Ditch the plastic bags

One of the simplest ways to decrease the amount of waste you produce is to use reusable bags while shopping. Keeping a bunch of bags for life in your car or right by the door so you don’t forget them at home.

Make a meal plan

Food waste is a huge problem- UK households produces 7m tonnes of food waste every year. However, it’s entirely preventable if we only buy groceries that you know will eat. Love Food Hate Waste has lots of helpful tips and advice.

Start relying on reusable containers

Storing food properly will extend its life and keep things fresh for as long as possible. Invest in some quality airtight containers not just for cereals, biscuits and rice but also for your lunch so you can reduce single-use plastic bags too.

Start composting

Every day, a large amount of what you throw into the trash could be composted and returned to the earth. You can find out more about composting and what can be added to your garden compost.

Learn to repair rather than discard.

When was the last time you repaired something broken rather than throwing it away to purchase a new one? Can’t remember? Same. But buying a few high-quality items and repairing them when necessary is so much better for the planet than buying loads of cheap, disposable stuff. The next time you find a hole in your sock or a lamp stops working, spend a few minutes to see if it’s fixable, rather than throwing it away. If you can’t fix it, look for a local repair café to see if you can use their skills.

Cancel unnecessary mail

If your mailbox is overloaded with catalogues and junk mail each day, take a few minutes to cancel subscriptions and stop unsolicited junk mail. It can be as simple as going online or picking up the phone to be removed from a mailing list. It’s a bit of an inconvenience, sure, but your coffee table will be less cluttered and the amount of paper waste you produce will be cut significantly.

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