Sustainable transport is any form of transport that can be classed as green and which relies on renewable or regenerated energy. Walking, cycling and public transport are all excellent examples of sustainable transport.

We all travel for one reason or another โ€“ whether itโ€™s to get to work, school or to access amenities. Today we are increasingly aware of our impact on our immediate environment and the world around us. Responsible, sustainable travel is therefore growing in importance and popularity.

As part of our Green City Charter, we want to encourage, promote and incentivise the use of sustainable and active travel. We can achieve this by highlighting the various green transport options available across the city.

My Journey is a sustainable travel programme delivered by local councils and partners and funded by the Department for Transport. It provides a range of useful travel information and seeks to help Hampshire residents get around easily and more sustainably. You can find out more at My Journey.

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