Sustainable Distribution Centre

We partnered with Meachers Global Logistics in 2016 to provide a Sustainable Distribution Centre (SDC) for Southampton. The service has numerous benefits to the city, not just supporting our Green City Goals but also providing local businesses with cost and time savings.

Sustainable Distribution Centre team shot

What is the SDC?

The SDC is designed to reduce the heavy goods vehicles servicing the city and surrounding town centres.

The consolidation will group deliveries into specific groups and then distribute less frequently, yet more efficiently. The deliveries could be for one end user but from several suppliers - using the SDC will result in the suppliers delivering to Meachers’ out of town warehouse and

The main benefit to the city is the improvement in air pollution due to the reduction in HGVs travelling around the city. This supports several of our Green City Commitments - reducing CO2 levels, carbon neutrality by 2030 and improving the quality of life in our city.

Why use the SDC?

The service has several benefits to small and medium businesses along with public sector organisations. Major advantages include:

  • Reducing costs - the ‘out of town’ storage costs are much lower than a city centre unit. There is also staff time and costs as there will be consolidated deliveries at one time, there will be fewer deliveries to take staff time
  • The service is easy to use - the team at Meachers will create the solution that works for you and your business
  • Reducing the number of vehicle trips will also result in less congestion, especially during peak times. We also anticipate an improvement in road safety

If you’d like more information about the service, please contact Meachers Global Logistics Ltd (web tbc)