Community Payback Partnership

Southampton’s street cleansing team have a long-standing and successful partnership with The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Community Rehabilitation Company. The purpose of the partnership is to help direct offenders who have been given a court order to carry out Community Payback hours for their crimes. This work helps to make the city cleaner and it benefit local communities.

Community Payback is an element in many community sentences. Anyone not attending is likely to find themselves back in court.

Offenders subject to Community Payback could find themselves working on a variety of different projects. All projects benefit their local communities and organisations. Involvement in projects that improve the local environment can also encourage offenders to desist from participating in antisocial or destructive behaviour.

The street cleansing team directly lead small Community Payback teams working on environmental clean-up projects. We also suggest work for teams working under the supervision of the Rehabilitation Company. If you have a work activity that will help to make your neighbourhood a cleaner place to live, but is not a task routinely undertaken by the city council or your own organisation, please submit a Community Payback Work Request