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The world of work can get a bit confusing especially if you are looking for a new job or to broaden your skills to further or change your career.

We want to support everyone that is looking for new opportunities – whether that’s your first job or an apprenticeship, or accessing retraining due to the economic disruption caused by the pandemic.

If you are between 16 to 24, the Young Adults Employment Hub offers a more integrated person-centred approach to advising and supporting young people around a range of issues such as housing, benefits, health and well-being. The Hub utilises a wealth of innovative virtual tools, as well as 1:1 support from dedicated advisers and youth workers, in collaboration with other partners and providers across the city, to offer holistic, tailored support for young people out of work.

But we have a wealth of information for everyone, from school leavers to career changers.

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