Better Care Southampton

Southampton City Council and Southampton City Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) want to improve the health and wellbeing of people in our city.

In Southampton, we are committed to making radical changes to integrate services so have decided to go even further than national government’s recommendations, pooling more of our budget and resources than they suggest.

A plan has been produced saying how we hope to collaborate in a way that will improve health and social care services. You can find a copy of our local plan here, which was submitted to Ministers in April 2013.

How will this be funded?

The Government has set aside £3.8 billion to fund the integration of health and social care throughout the country. This is not new money but money that was already allocated to be spent on health and social care.

We believe that spending the money in a more joined-up way will lead to more joined-up services for local people.

How will this be achieved?

To achieve this, the two organisations, along with community and voluntary organisations and other partners are working on a programme to join up your care called Better Care Southampton.

It will involve developing joined-up services that will include the elements of health, social care and voluntary sector services that you need.

By putting the individual at the centre of our care planning, we believe we can provide better care for local people. There will be a focus on prevention and early intervention, building on the role of individuals in their own health and wellbeing.

Who have we consulted with?

We have been talking to local people, voluntary groups and charities and service providers about our plans and will continue to do this as we think about how it will all work. You are at the heart of this programme and we would value your views to help us.