Market position statement

Southampton City Council has worked alongside Southampton City Clinical Commissioning Group to develop a number of Market Position Statements. These provide information, intelligence and analysis of local health and social care needs as well as potential future development opportunities for current and prospective providers.

In March 2021, the Market Impact Statement considering the Covid pandemic on the local adult social care system was published. This provides information on how the pandemic has tested the resilience of the local health and care system. Local services have had to adapt to the changed circumstances, and this Statement recognises the changes that have occurred to the health and care system as a result of the pandemic. It shows the impacts locally, and sets out a key programme of work for the city, its partners and the care industry locally to manage in the coming year.

Two Market Position Statements have been published and both can be downloaded below.

We have also published a review and guidance of Move On and Pathway Provision in Southampton

Some of the key messages to note from these reports include:

  • We are moving towards community based solutions to care which support independence and promote greater choice and control around the care options among our residents, in line with strength-based approaches to care

  • We would like to work collaboratively with other organisations to expand on our housing with care offer. We are looking to diversify across tenures and locations in the city. We have identified opportunities where housing with care can be developed as a part of the regeneration initiatives, and land available for development

  • We are seeking providers willing to invest in and develop complex residential and/or nursing home capacity within the city, particularly for people with more complex needs e.g. dementia, physical disability or mental health. We would like to create partnership opportunities and access arrangements with the right number of partners to meet the growing demand. We have identified potential sites suitable for re-development

  • We are looking to increase capacity in the home care market and invite all providers wishing to expand their business in Southampton to come and speak with us

In addition, we are looking to boost the local supply, increase access and a greater degree of choice amongst our supported living provision.

We encourage providers to work jointly with other health service providers to ensure that reasonable adjustments are made, so that individuals with learning disabilities get the same access to and quality of healthcare provision as the rest of the population.

We believe that day support and respite has an important role to play in supporting people to develop their independence and life skills. We would expect that providers have life skills development as a core focus, we would like to speak to current providers who are interested in developing their offer.

We want to speak to providers who are interested in developing their daytime provision to support people with behaviour that challenges or with profound and multiple learning disabilities.

We would like to speak to providers who can support with the development of a broad mix of options and tailored accommodation-based support for care leavers.