I have a change of circumstances

We understand that life can change very quickly and at some point throughout your care, or your application for care, your details may change.

In order to take the stress out of your care potentially not suiting you, you can simply tell us about the change of circumstances and we will do the rest.

The change in circumstances that we may need to know about include:

  • Change of care requirements
  • Change of health needs
  • Change of the amount of money you receive
  • Change to your capital, for example your savings or you have sold your property
  • Change to the number of people living in your household

We also need to hear from you if you no longer need to receive any care.

If any of the above have changed for you recently, you should let your care team know as soon as possible and, if anything about your care package needs to be changed, this will be discussed with you.

To let us know if you wish to change your care needs, you can call us on 023 8083 3003.

To inform us of any changes in your financial situation, email us at fab.officers@southampton.gov.uk

For further information about your bill and payments, you can visit our Your bill explained page.