Your mental wellbeing


It is important to gain some understanding of how you cope with your emotional response to Covid-19.

Everyone reacts differently to stressful situations. However, pressure, fear and anxiety can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions. Please speak to a trusted colleague, your line manager or your HR colleagues.

You may be feeling anxious, overwhelmed and uncertain – if that is the case, plant both feet on the ground, take a few deep breaths and think about what you know, and what you can do today.

  • If you are feeling guilty, it is because you are a compassionate and caring person and simply want to help. Remember we are all doing our bit, no matter how small and no matter what it is we do.

  • If you are feeling grief, try to ride the waves of emotion - express them safely, be patient and kind to yourself, this will likely take many months to pass. 

  • If you are feeling traumatised - connect with your loved ones more often, try not to avoid fearful situations. Remember this is normal and will pass eventually.

  • If you are feeling emotionally exhausted, tearful, overwhelmed or flat your GP or local mental health services may also be able to help if you need more urgent support.

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