Free autism e-learning

Southampton City Council has worked with Autism Hampshire and local people on the autism spectrum to develop free open access autism e-learning. This is aimed at raising awareness with anyone coming into regular contact with people on the spectrum and their families.

Local autism directory

Southampton, Hampshire, Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight have funded a free online directory. It is called The Local Autism Directory (LAD) and its aim is to be a combined approach to deliver support and information to people and families affected by autism.

What is the LAD?

The LAD is a direct response to requests for information from Southampton, Hampshire, Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight Local Authorities, to be accessible all in one place.

The LAD contains information and services for children, young people and adults with autism, as well as information for their families and professionals.

What information does it provide?

The LAD provides information about the following:

  • Support groups
  • Activities
  • Schools
  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Local news
  • Legal support
  • Finances
  • Diagnosis

There are also clear, simply written research articles from the Portsmouth University Autism Research Network. These articles contain helpful information and help people to stay up to date with new approaches.

If you are looking for more help, we have a section dedicated to services and charities that canĀ assist with all sorts of issues surrounding both Autism and Asperger's syndrome that can be found on Southampton Information Directory.