CareTeam is a research project trialling a digital platform putting a cared for person (or their nominated carer) at the centre of their own network.

An app that links friends, family and neighbours - it allows the opportunity to link smart technology around the home - using sensors to record the air temperature, humidity and movement, sending an alert if there's an unexpected change.

CareTeam App marketing imageThis app has been very specifically designed to support carers and people receiving care to remain independent and to make day to day life a little easier to coordinate. For those with increasing care and support needs or for those needing short term support following a hospital stay.  The app shows appointments; checks any transport requirements; has a messaging option able to send messages to an individual or to groups; can record and publish to–do lists along with any essential information i.e. allergies, hard of hearing.

We are looking for people to trial this app and give feedback on the benefits of this technology for both people with care needs and their families and carers.

The project is a partnership between Southampton City Council, Southampton University and NquiringMinds, a local technology company.

The funding for this project has been made available by Innovate UK (part of UK Research and Innovation, otherwise known as The Technology Strategy Board).

To participate the requirements are:

  • Access to a tablet or mobile phone (Apple or Android are both fine)
  • Internet access through mobile data or Wifi
  • To be over 18

Full training and ongoing support will be available throughout the trial period.

There will be no cost for taking part in this trial or for having this app, and travel expenses to attend agreed workshops will be reimbursed by the project.

Please go to the CareTeam website or the CareTeam page on SID to download the app and take part in the project.