I was adopted

If you are an adult who was adopted as a child and you would like to find out more information about your adoption records, or to trace your family tree, we can help.

We offer counselling to anyone who has been adopted and is living in Southampton. Also, to anyone who has been adopted through Southampton City Council in the past.

Adoptions before 12 November 1975

If you were adopted before the 12 November 1975, you are required to attend a counselling interview with one of our experienced adoption workers.

In the past, some birth parents and adopters may have been led to believe that the children being adopted would never be able to find out their original names, or the names of their birth parents. It is important you understand what it might mean for you, your adopters and for others, if you decide to trace your birth family.

Adoptions after 11 November 1975

If you were adopted after the 11 November 1975 you may choose whether or not you wish to have a counselling session before you are given any information which might lead to details about your birth family.

How do I apply to see my adoption records?

If you want to find out more about your adoption records or trace your birth family, please contact us.

Email: adoption.support@southampton.gov.uk

Tel: 023 8083 3000