Accessing children's social care

Call 999 if it is an emergency and the child is in immediate danger

What should I do if I am worried about a child?

One of our main priorities at Southampton City Council is that children and young people in Southampton get a good start in life and can go on to fulfil their potential.

If you are concerned about a child or young person, it is important to take action. There are several options available so we have provided more information to help you decide what to do next. This information is relevant for both professionals and members of the public.

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Child protection & safeguarding for children in need

When it’s not an emergency situation but you are worried that a child may be at risk of abuse, harm or neglect, please contact us. Find out more about these risks and how to report a concern. You can also contact us straight away on 023 8083 3004.

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Further resources and universal services

If you’re a family member or professional who wants to find out what support is available apart from Children and Families First, you can view more resources.

For more information, please use the links above. You can also call the NSPCC Freephone Child Protection Helpline on 080 8800 5000.

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