Healthy Weight

Creating a healthy city for children and young people

Being a healthy weight is key to a child’s well being. Children that are a healthy weight are more likely to:

Do well at school. Children that are overweight or obese on average do less well in school than children that are a healthy weight.

Experience good mental, emotional and social well being. Weight problems can cause stress, depression, anxiety and low self-esteem in children.

Have good oral health. Children that are a healthy weight are less likely to suffer tooth decay or have to undergo painful teeth extractions.

Grow into happy, healthy adults. Overweight children are more likely to be overweight adults, increasing their risk of having conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

One in five year R pupils in Southampton are overweight or obese. In year six this rises to one in three pupils
One in five year R pupils in Southampton are overweight or obese.
In year six this rises to one in three pupils.

of the adult population of Southampton are overweight or obese

We need your help

We want to make Southampton a place where all young people live happy, healthy and active lives but we need your help to do this.

Schools, businesses, workplaces, the public sector, charities, parents and families can all play a part in championing healthy food and physical activity.

Visit the schools and businesses and workplaces pages to download free resources and get the latest guidance.

Share your success with us

We know that many schools, businesses and workplaces have already done some great work towards making Southampton a healthy city. We would love to hear from you so that we can promote your success and inspire others to contribute too.

Let us know how your organisation has championed healthy food choices and/or physical activity via email or social media at the Healthy Southampton Facebook page and we’ll be in touch.

Are you a parent looking for advice on food and physical activity? Visit the Change 4 Life website.

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