Early Help can stop your problems getting worse and reduce the sanctions, costs or penalties you may face without change. It also supports families where a child has been assessed as a child in need of services.

Your family must want our help, and you will also have to give your consent to work with us and for us to share information with other agencies.  We build on your strengths and support you by understanding how your whole family works.

How to apply for Early Help

You may have already asked for help and filled in a form with someone you know, like a teacher or health visitor.

If you have problems, our support is free, so please get in touch.

Contact details
Email: mash@southampton.gov.uk
Tel: 023 8083 3336

Who is Early Help for? 

We give free support to families to help address various issues, such as:

  • helping you into work
  • improving school attendance
  • reducing crime and anti-social behaviour
  • family health matters
  • addressing drug and alcohol misuse

We focus strongly on these issues because we know that they can make a big impact on your family's wellbeing.

How does Early Help work?

Each family has a Lead Professional supporting them such as a Family Engagement Worker, Youth Engagement Worker or social worker who has time to get to know the whole family and understand all the issues affecting them. They work closely with all the other services who can help. By co-ordinating contact, everyone knows what is happening to solve your family's problems. Together you'll agree an action plan with steps to tackle the bigger issues. Specialist support will be put in place if it is needed.

Chris told us: "I thought I am going to have to have to get this sorted. I am going to have to let (family support) get involved. And I just started working with them. I am glad I let them into mine and my kids' lives... I feel like I have got my family back to what it was, what it should be."