Together with the NHS we provide mental health services for people up to the age of 65. We support people who have severe or enduring mental health problems, such as depression, phobias, severe anxiety disorders or schizophrenia.

Community mental health teams

Services are provided in the community via three community mental health teams and within the Department of Psychiatry at the Royal South Hants Hospital. The community teams work closely with the hospital to provide continuity between community support and inpatient care. There is also a rehabilitation team with its own inpatient ward for people who need long term and ongoing support.

Department of Psychiatry

Within the Department of Psychiatry we provide psychotherapy treatment and the psychology department provides individual and group therapy.

Supportive Outreach Team

The team works with people who have not engaged with mental health services for various reasons or who may have had several admissions to hospital.

Home Support Team

The team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide support to people in crisis and to prevent hospital admission.

Substance Misuse Team

The team provide a care management service and specialist interventions such as substitute prescribing detoxification and counselling.


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