Employees with health conditions

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If you are an employer with staff who are often off sick, whose physical or mental health is affecting their work, or who need help returning to work, Southampton City Council's Employment Retention Specialists can offer them one-to-one support to discuss health and employment concerns.

The Well@Work project enables people with mental health or musculoskeletal conditions to stay in work by offering individual information, advice and guidance.

Top tips for managing employees with health conditions

  • It's good to talk - Having supportive conversations with staff about their health issues can potentially reduce future absence
  • Empower your staff - Encourage employees to present their own solutions to health challenges. Improving relationships builds great commitment
  • The human touch - Remember that the stark language of formal letters can increase anxiety. Showing concern can help an absent colleague to re-engage
  • One size does not fit all - One person's health adjustment may not work for another. Openness and flexibility can generate a fresh approach
  • Well@Work can help - We offer creative solution-focused support with 81% of valued employees retained in work. Your success is our success
Download the Well@Work flyer for more information.