Wellbeing@Work eNewsletters archive

The Southampton City Council Wellbeing@Work eNewsletters are now archived. Each copy offers information, advice, and tips on looking after the health and wellbeing of your workforce.

Each eNewsletter contains:

  • Information and links to national promotion days
  • Information and links to local health and wellbeing news and campaigns
  • Practical ideas about what you can do to capitalise on the campaign for your staff
  • Downloadable information and resources to keep your Health & Wellbeing Noticeboard fresh and up-to-date

Read past editions of the eNewsletters below:

February 2021

Wellbeing in February

  • Grow and strengthen your resilience
  • Set up Employee Resource Groups

January 2021

Pause, reflect, reset: January focus on self-care

  • Resources for self-care
  • Financial help and advice

December 2020

Wishing you joy this December

  • Cultivating healthy, happy habits now
  • Helping victims of domestic abuse

October 2020

Mental wealth and wellbeing

  • The benefits of lunchtime walks
  • Flexible working advice
  • New Things November

September 2020

Recovery through prioritising health & wellbeing

  • Supporting your team when managing remotely
  • Invest in health for life this Autumn

August 2020

The wellbeing way to recovery

  • Planning to be fitter and healthier
  • Become a recognised Wellbeing@Work Employer

July 2020

Designing the future

  • Designing the future you want
  • Supporting employees with financial worries
  • Ensuring inclusion and diversity

June 2020

Emotions are contagious too

  • COVID fatigue
  • More things we can do to stay positive
  • Get cycling

May 2020

Transitioning into new ways of working and being

  • Top tips for successful virtual team meetings
  • Leading and managing through uncertainty
  • National Walking Month

April 2020

Supporting managers to support themselves, their staff and their business

  • Nurturing your resilience (and your immunity)
  • Managing uncertainties and fears
  • Positive things you can do to build mental wealth and resilience

Navigating stressful times

  • Stress Awareness Month
  • Be more like your pet
  • Inspiration, information, guidance and support

March 2020

Practical thoughts to help you and your team thrive as you work from home during the coronavirus pandemic

  • Coronavirus - looking after colleagues, customers, businesses and ourselves
  • Look after your mental wealth
  • Get in touch for support

February 2020

National awareness days and good employers


You can read more Wellbeing@Work eNewsletters from previous years by visiting our archive pages.