Southampton COVID19 Outbreak Management Plan

Foreword to the plan from Dr Debbie Chase – Director of Public Health

Dr Debbie Chase

As we surpass the 2-year mark since the start of the first lockdown, we can all look back with pride in how far we have come. We have banded together as a community, showing compassion and resilience through this truly unprecedented time.

A trend we are seeing nationally, as well as locally, is an increase in COVID-19 cases, however we are cautiously optimistic and there are a number of important behaviours we can continue to practise in order to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe whilst further preventing the spread of the virus.

We encourage you to continue to wear a face covering in crowded public spaces, to ventilate your space to allow fresh air to flow or consider meeting your friends outdoors as the weather becomes warmer, to wash your hands often, and to stay at home if you are unwell or displaying any COVID-19 symptoms. One of our main objectives continues to be protecting those most vulnerable to COVID-19 through vaccination, whether that be your first, second or booster jab.

Vaccines remain the best form of protection from the virus and we encourage all those eligible to get their jab as soon as they can. More information on the vaccination programme and how to book or find a walk-in clinic can be found on the NHS website.

With the national Living with COVID plans and associated guidance launched on 24 February, we are now in a period of transition, with COVID-19 guidance being incorporated into existing infection disease management guidance. Further information will be made available in due course. This Southampton COVID-19 Outbreak Control Plan is the response of the City Council and its partners to COVID-19, it was last updated on 5 November 2021. The plan describes the measures we all need to take to reduce our risk, and the processes that are in place to ensure that we identify local outbreaks of COVID-19 and control them as quickly as possible.

- Debbie Chase - Interim Director of Public Health

This is version 1.4 of the Southampton COVID19 Outbreak Management Plan. Each new version will include a note summarising what has changed since the previous version.

Last updated: November 2021

Southampton Covid-19 Outbreak Management Plan

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