Lift refurbishment

It is the intention of Southampton City Council to enter into a Qualifying Long Term Agreement (QLTA) in respect of which we are required to consult with leaseholders who will be required, under the terms of their lease, to contribute through their service charge account to the costs incurred under the QLTA.

A 'Qualifying Long Term Agreement' is defined by Section 20ZA Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 and applies where the duration of a contract will exceed 12 months and where the contribution of any of leaseholder exceeds £100 in any accounting period.

The works/service to be provided under the agreement are as follows

The works consists of refurbishing the lifts and associated works and a service agreement for the lifts for 12 months after completion of all of the works

We consider it necessary to enter into the agreement because:

The lifts have deteriorated and parts are becoming obsolete. There have also been an increasing number of breakdowns and there is a significant risk that replacement parts will be required that are not readily available on the market place. As a result. further breakdowns are likely to occur within your block of flats. Please note that buildings need regular maintenance to maintain their integrity.  The intended contract will ensure that our stock is maintained to an appropriate level, which, in turn, will benefit leaseholders in maintaining the value of their asset on re-sale.

The initial notification consultation period is now over. Observations received during this time will be published on this page soon.

Copies of a more detailed description of the works/services to be provided under the agreement may be inspected at Southampton City Council, Ground Floor, East Wing, Civic Centre, Southampton, SO14 7LY. Should you wish to view the documents at our offices, please email for an appointment time between the hours of 9am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.


You are not being invited to propose contractors from who we should try and obtain an estimate.  This is because the proposed agreement require public advertisement within the European Union. This is done by placing a notice in the Official Journal of the European Union.

Where there is a recognised Tenant/Resident's Association we have written and sent a copy of this notice to the Secretary.

You do not have to raise any observations in response to this consultation. However, if you do wish to do so these must be received, in writing, within the 30 day consultation period. Any comments/observations or nominations received after this date will not be considered.

Notice of Proposals

Document Type Size
0. Instructions to Bidderspdf329KB
1.0 Preliminaries/General Conditionspdf1MB
1.1 Contract Timetable Illustrationpdf104KB
2.1 Lift Performance Specification 2019pdf1MB
2.2 Lift Electrical Particular Specification 2019pdf285KB
2.3 Standard Electrical Specification for Electrical Servicespdf1MB
2.4.1 Callout and Maintenance Contract Agreementpdf154KB
3.0 Pre-Tender Information Packpdf1MB
3.1 Southampton City Council Asbestos Policypdf3MB
3.3 Electrical Test Certificate for Shirley Towers (26/11/2018)pdf2MB
3.3 Electrical Test Certificate for Redbrige Towers (26/11/2018)pdf2MB
3.3 Electrical Test Certificate - Albion Towers (27/11/2018)pdf1MB
3.4 Ethical Procurement Policypdf74KB
4.0 Contract Sum Analysis - Lift Replacementsxlsx219KB
5 Service Quality Questionnairepdf266KB
6 Form of Tenderpdf87KB
Asbestos Survey - Albion Towers
Document Type Size
Albion Towers - Surveyors Note 1pdf51KB
Albion Towers - Surveyors Note 2pdf46KB
Albion Towers Asbestos Surveypdf1MB
Albion Towers Ground Floor Planpdf101KB
Albion Towers Floor 1 Planpdf258KB
Albion Towers Floor 2 Planpdf339KB
Albion Towers Floor 3 Planpdf271KB
Albion Towers Floor 4 Planpdf317KB
Albion Towers Floor 5 Planpdf265KB
Albion Towers Floor 6 Planpdf316KB
Albion Towers Floor 7 Planpdf271KB
Albion Towers Floor 8 Planpdf315KB
Albion Towers Floor 9 Planpdf264KB
Albion Towers Floor 10 Planpdf311KB
Albion Towers Floor 11 Planpdf262KB
Albion Towers Floor 12 Planpdf313KB
Albion Towers Floor 13 Planpdf266KB
Albion Towers Floor 14 Planpdf315KB
Albion Towers Floor 15 Planpdf268KB
Albion Towers Roof Planpdf54KB
Asbestos Survey - Redbridge Towers
Document Type Size
Redbridge Towers - Surveyors Note 1pdf64KB
Redbridge Towers - Surveyors Note 2pdf60KB
Redbridge Towers Asbestos Surveypdf1MB
Redbridge Towers Ground Floor Planpdf1MB
Redbridge Towers Floors 1-19 Planpdf358KB
Redbridge Towers Roof Planpdf273KB
Asbestos Survey - Shirley Towers
Document Type Size
Shirley Towers - Surveyors Note 1pdf47KB
Shirley Towers - Surveyors Note 2pdf50KB
Shirley Towers Asbestos Surveypdf1MB
Shirley Towers Ground Floor Planpdf300KB
Shirley Towers Floor 1 Planpdf281KB
Shirley Towers Floor 2 Planpdf314KB
Shirley Towers Floor 3 Planpdf283KB
Shirley Towers Floor 4 Planpdf323KB
Shirley Towers Floor 5 Planpdf282KB
Shirley Towers Floor 6 Planpdf334KB
Shirley Towers Floor 7 Planpdf284KB
Shirley Towers Floor 8 Planpdf322KB
Shirley Towers Floor 9 Planpdf287KB
Shirley Towers Floor 10 Planpdf318KB
Shirley Towers Floor 11 Planpdf281KB
Shirley Towers Floor 12 Planpdf324KB
Shirley Towers Floor 13 Planpdf290KB
Shirley Towers Floor 14 Planpdf324KB
Shirley Towers Floor 15 Planpdf286KB
Shirley Towers Roof Planpdf1MB
Shirley Towers Additional Photographspdf1MB