Every year many council tenants are at risk of losing their possessions as a result of accidents.

The council insures all the buildings and properties we own, however this insurance does not cover tenant possessions inside the properties.

We strongly recommend that you take out contents insurance to ensure your possessions are protected if something happens to your property.

You should insure the full value of replacing your possessions if they are damaged or destroyed by fire, flood, accident or if they are lost as a consequence of burglary.

Our home contents insurance scheme

The council offers a home contents insurance scheme in partnership with Aviva. This insurance will protect your possessions against fire, theft, accidental damage, vandalism and water damage.

The scheme is designed specifically for council tenants and offers many benefits including:

  • Premiums can be paid fortnightly or monthly
  • Lower minimum sums insured (£6000 for people over 60 and £9000 for others)
  • 'New for old' cover
  • No policy excess to pay on claims
  • Includes freezer contents cover and personal liability insurance

We recommend that you always compare policies and prices from more than one supplier.

Further information about the home contents insurance scheme