Can my home be adapted to make it easier for me to stay here?

If you have physical difficulties with living in your home we may be able to adapt it so you can continue to live there or, if you apply for one, offer you another home to better suit your needs.

To see if we can help by adapting your home you will need an occupational therapist to assess your needs, contact our Health & Social Care division for more information tel 023 8083 4567.

If you are eligible to have your home adapted, the adaptations team in Housing Services will tell you when this work will be done. Priority is given to those in greatest need and there is likely to be some delay as the demand for this work exceeds the limited budget we have available each year.

We do not install equipment, e.g. shower units, that you have bought yourself or repay the cost of any work you get done yourself.

If you have had adaptations installed, or you moved into a new home with adaptations already in it, you must not remove or alter them unless you have our written permission to do so. In most cases we do not give permission for any adaptation to be altered or removed.