Please provide as much information as possible when reporting your repair. Use the examples below as a guide.

  • Exterior – Broken, blocked or overflowing drains, soil pipes, downpipes, gullies, man holes or gutters. Broken doors including shed, padlock or rubbish. Render cracks around window or door
  • Garages – key or lock broken. Metal door off its rails, needs repair or needs replacing. Wooden doors, loose, cracked or broken
  • Garden – broken or damaged communal clothes lines 
  • Fences – type of fence, chain, timber. Loose, broken or damaged communal posts or fence boards
  • Gates – broken timber or metal gate, jammed gate, missing gate
  • Paving and steps – damaged, loose or broken brick, gravel, concrete, flagstones as part of paving or steps
  • Estate services – graffiti, balcony, paving and steps
  • External communal – CCTV problem, refuse chute problem or blocked, entry phone external faulty, in home faulty
  • Internal communal – access, lifts problem, problem with fire extinguisher, problem with lighting
  • Entrance doors to blocks faulty or damaged. Unable to open or close
  • Broken door entry system
  • Broken or damaged communal doors

Report a repair