Please provide as much information as possible when reporting your repair. Use the examples below as a guide.

Heating - gas and electrical systems

  • Gas fire - Not working at all or intermittent fault, loose from wall, loose or damaged parts
  • Gas boiler - Leaking water, noisy running, not working at all
  • Electrical storage heating - Not heating up, intermittent faults, damaged parts, convector part not working
  • Electrical panel, fires - Not working at all element not working, damaged parts

If you have no heating or hot water in your home please contact us by telephone as this may constitute an emergency repair.

Heating - solid fuel systems

  • Solid fuel – Chimney needs sweeping, fire smoking, glass strip needs replacing, not working properly, tiles are loose or broken

General electrical system

  • No power to certain areas, lights not working or flickering, no heating, broken or faulty socket, broken or faulty light fitting, extractor fan problem, smoke detector faulty or beeping, visible wires

Please give as much detail as possible to describe the problem.

If you have a complete loss of electrical power at your property, if it is safe to do so check the consumer unit/fuse box. If you still have no electricity and your neighbours also have no power, please contact Southern Electric directly on: 0800 072 7282

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