The group has temporarily suspended its face to face activities, due to Covid 19 pandemic, but the good news is that the group holds a regular Zoom video meetings.

Contact Tenant Engagement for the information about the next video meeting: 023 8083 3185.

We thank you for your understanding and wish you all the best!

The city wide block rep forum is a chance for block reps across the city and the council to work together to improve the service for all. The forum enable block reps to obtain information about what is going on in council housing services, the city council and other organisations; be a forum for block reps to communicate the views of the residents they represent to the city council and other organisations; to act as consultative body when new or updated policies, procedures or working practices are proposed and be a place where block reps can share their experiences and spread good practice, especially about their role and how they can make a difference in their area.

The forum is open to all officially elected block and street reps and those going through the process of becoming block or street reps.

Joining the forum

To join the forum look for the leaflets displayed in each block in the area or contact Tenant Engagement on 023 8083 3185 or email tenant.engagement@southampton.gov.uk

Some of the issues the group got involved in over the last year:

  • Contributed to the improvement of the online reporting repairs form
  • Successfully argued the need for block reps to get the keys for block notice boards
  • Improved recycling system in the blocks as there were some faults in the way recycling collections were delivered: from missing bins, to regularly missed collections, broken glass etc.
  • Improving housing service delivery: Block rep forum is an amazing platform for block reps raising the city wide issues directly with professionals – from fly tipping and parking issue to uncollected bins, uncut grass etc.
  • Platform for professionals to hear what is important locally to tenants and what needs to be improved - City Wide Block Rep Forum Focus Group o Improved relationships between block reps and local housing offices
  • The forum helped to keep tenants informed
  • Improved neighbourhoods
  • Forum asked for free green bins for blocks looking after their communal gardens; the tenants looking after the communal green area can now have FREE green bins