Tenant inspectors make a real difference to the housing service. If you want to know more about what each department does and become part of a group that can make recommendations to improve the service tenants receive, then this could be the group for you.

Our tenant inspectors can inspect any part of the housing department. The areas they look at are often voted for by tenants at our summer conference. Inspectors talk to staff, attend meetings and complete shadowing exercises as part of the inspection, whilst commissioning other groups such as the mystery shoppers to become involved. The inspectors will write a report, make recommendations and report back to the Manager of the department.

The inspectors also review their work after a period of time to ensure their recommendations have been put into place.

Recently the inspectors have been looking at our Estate Walkabouts, sometimes known as Estate Inspections, where housing staff get out of the office and walk around their estates with tenants noting issues they come across. You can read the Tenant Inspectors' Report showing what they found out and their list of recommendations on how to make walkabouts even better.

Become a tenant inspector