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Insurance means peace of mind

No one knows when disaster may strike. If your home was burgled or your possessions were damaged by a fire or a flood, could you afford to replace them?

Having Home Contents insurance provides you with peace of mind and means that you don’t have to worry about finding the money to replace your belongings.

Home Contents insurance policies protect you against loss or damage to the things in your home like furniture, electrical items, personal belongings, clothing, jewellery and even food in the freezer. Generally, these will be covered against theft, fire and flood. However, different policies offer different levels of cover and often will allow you to add on ‘accidental damage’, as well as cover for items you take out of the house like laptops, cameras, jewellery and mobile phones. You can also normally opt to cover personal belongings kept in a shed or garage such as bikes, tools and gardening equipment.

Most insurers will let you pay the premium in monthly instalments if you can’t afford to pay the annual amount up front. It’s always best to compare insurance prices to make sure you get the best deal for your needs. Think about how much excess you want to pay (the minimum amount you must pay on each claim), if your policy replaces new for old and if there is a limit on the amount of money each item is insured for.

Remember, as a council tenant you don’t need to insure the building (as the structure of the property is our responsibility). The council does not, however, provide cover for anything you own inside; in other words anything not physically attached to the building – from sofas and stereos to TVs, computers and clothes. We strongly advise you to arrange your own home contents insurance so you will have peace of mind that you’re covered.

The Money Advice Service has lots of advice about choosing contents insurance or you can talk to your Housing Officer.

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