Walk your way to a better neighbourhood

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Walk your way to a better neighbourhood

We’re kicking off the New Year by improving the way we carry out estate walkabouts. The walkabouts are opportunities for tenants and staff to walk the local area together, looking for anything that needs repairing, cleaning or sorting out.

We want more tenants to join in walkabouts and help improve local neighbourhoods, so last year we invited the team of Tenant Inspectors to help us. Following a thorough review they recommended ways we could improve the walkabout experience for residents, increase publicity and deliver value for money.

Thanks to their suggestions, we are launching the following improvements citywide in January:

Frequency – Housing staff will carry out one neighbourhood walkabout every month, rotating around different areas.

Advertising – Walkabouts will be advertised two months in advance online, and around a week before on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll also advertise periodically in Tenants’ Link, and we’ll display posters in blocks of flats. Block reps and tenant associations will be told about upcoming walkabouts and we will also promote these events when new tenants move in and at Periodic Tenancy Checks.

Attendees – A member of housing staff and a Neighbourhood Warden will attend every walkabout and we will also invite colleagues from Open Spaces to join in.

Issues – Residents can point out issues such as untidy gardens, damaged pavements, lack of grass cutting, abandoned vehicles, litter and graffiti, repairs needed in communal areas, broken play equipment or anti-social behaviour.

Taking action – Staff across the city will all use the same format to record issues and set a target date for action to be completed by. We will let everyone who attended know what is happening and when, and will display ‘you said we did’ posters on noticeboards.

Get involved

If you’ve got an issue or a suggestion about your local area don’t sit at home moaning, tell us about it during a walkabout. Talk to your Local Housing Office, check out the online calendar or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to find out upcoming walkabout dates.

If you would like to become a Tenant Inspector and get involved in a future area of inspection please get in touch.

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