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Troublemaking tenants evicted

We take action on antisocial behaviour.

No one should have to put up with living with or next door to nuisance neighbours. We recently evicted two tenants from different areas of the city who were making life a misery for others. Their noisy and abusive behaviour have cost them their homes.

These cases show how we can and do take action against anyone who behaves antisocially. Working with the police and the courts we can ensure antisocial tenants face legal action, and ultimately eviction.

Noise nuisance ends in eviction in Northam

A tenant in Northam who refused to turn his stereo down has ended up losing his home. Neighbours complained of loud music played late at night and in the early hours of the morning. After ignoring repeated requests to keep it down, two Noise Abatement Notices were served by Environmental Health. Unfortunately the nuisance continued and we were forced to take the case to court to evict the tenant, repossess his home and restore peace to the local community.

Domestic abuser loses his home

A male tenant who was terrifying his wife and children with abusive behaviour has received a criminal conviction and been forced to leave the family home.

Independent Domestic Violence Advocates stepped in to support the terrified family and work with the police to ensure the perpetrator felt the full force of the law. He received a criminal conviction and as he was found to have breached his tenancy agreement we were also able to evict him from the property. His wife and children did not have to move and can now enjoy living safely in their home.

Report it!

Antisocial behaviour is anything that causes alarm, harassment and distress to others. It can take many forms – from a barking dog to violent or threatening behaviour.

If a crime is in progress or if it is an emergency dial 999. Otherwise you can report antisocial behaviour online or talk to staff at your Local Housing Office.

If you are experiencing abuse or are hurting someone you love, there is help available. Call the PiPPA helpline on 023 8071 9179 or look online for more information.

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