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Virtual Tenants' Handbook

Virtual Tenants’ Handbook is available at the touch of a button

Coronavirus restrictions meant we’ve all had to get used to doing more without leaving home and the internet has proved invaluable in so many ways. From ordering groceries and paying bills, to connecting with others through video calls and keeping fit thanks to virtual home workouts; the online world has played a vital role during lockdown.

Even though restrictions have now eased, and society has reopened, many people still want to benefit from the convenience of online services. That’s why we’ve updated the Housing Service webpages so tenants and leaseholders can now access more information and council services at the click of a button.

We’ve created an easy-to-use virtual Tenants’ Handbook so you can easily find out anything to do with your home and your tenancy online. These webpages contain lots of useful information and advice on everything housing related, split into three main sections:

Remember, you can also manage and pay your rent account online.

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