Internships are a vital way to develop your career. At Southampton City Council we’re keen to invest in people, and our annual internship programme offers local university students the opportunity for paid work over the summer period, whilst supporting experienced colleagues to deliver a specific project.

As an intern you'll be receiving practical and professional training right from the start, being able to put your university theory into practice. Working alongside experienced colleagues who will supervise your development and a dedicated mentor providing support and guidance throughout your internship.

We are pleased to confirm that we are running our internship programme again in 2023. Applications for this have now closed.

Previous placements have included:

  • Researching with the Children and Learning Quality Assurance Unit
  • Identifying pottery and collating data with the Archaeology team
  • Working with the policy hub and mapping external funding within Policy and Strategy with the Intelligence, Innovation and Change team
  • Working with local businesses on the Lowering Carbon Across the South East (LoCASE) project
  • As a Community Researcher with the Stronger Communities team
  • Helping with events at the City Art Gallery, Sea City Museum and Tudor House with the Cultural Services Learning Team