Committee details


Purpose of committee

The Cabinet

The Leader chooses a Cabinet of other Councillors (called Cabinet Members) who will together make decisions on important subjects or matters affecting the City or Council as a whole.


The Cabinet Members


Each Cabinet Member has responsibility for a range of Council activities, which are called Portfolios. At present these are:


  • Leader – Councillor Hammond
  • Adult Care – Councillor Fielker;
  • Aspiration, Children & Lifelong Learning - Councillor Dr Paffey
  • Green City & Environment – Councillor Leggett
  • Healthier and Safer City – Councillor Shields
  • Homes and Culture  – Councillor Kaur
  • Place & Transport – Councillor Rayment
  • Resources – Councillor Barnes-Andrews



Detail the individual Portfolio responsibilities can be found in Part 3 of the Council's Constitution - Responsibility for Functions


The Cabinet Members can make decisions individually for their Portfolio area and so most decisions are made either by the whole Cabinet or an individual Cabinet Member.  However, these decisions must be in accordance with the Budget and the Plans in the Policy Framework, all of which have been agreed by the whole Council.


Cabinet usually meets once a month.  The meetings are open to the public, and are generally held in the Council Chamber.


Contact information

Support officer: Judy Cordell / Claire Heather. 023 8083 2766

Postal address:
Democratic Services
Civic Centre
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