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Bassett Green Village Roads

We the undersigned petition the council to Re-Surface the roads in Bassett Green Village

We the undersigned respectfully petition Southampton City Council to revisit the decisions made over the past six years not to resurface Bassett Green Village. North East Bassett Residents Association (NEBRA) first contacted the Council on behalf of residents with a view to getting these roads resurfaced in 2014, in October 2015 Highways agreed as a road safety precaution to install double yellow lines around the north corner of the village green to facilitate safe passage for motorists accessing and egressing the village .Plan number VR(PRW)(A29)2015-02(BGV)-2. Balfour Beatty turned up, but stated that as the roads and kerbs were so bad, the surface was not good enough to paint the lines. They remain unpainted, to the detriment of the safety of our Villagers. Every year we get the same response to our request for resurfacing…Not a priority, there will always be priorities. On 20th October 2017 we had a further response to another of our requests, stating that given that it is residential rather than a main road, it is very unlikely that Bassett Green Village will get on to the resurfacing programme for the next few years. Areas are either residential or industrial, main roads or artery. The programme for works 19/20 has 32 programmes on it, 13 are main roads, and 19 are artery roads. Bassett Green village pays high community charges, and quite rightly feel that the Village is being neglected. And wonders just how long it is going to go on, not being a priority.

Finish date amended to 31 August 2020.

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