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Southampton Energy Partnership


The Energy Partnership is established to encourage partners to work together to address climate change in the city, with a particular focus on reducing carbon emissions through energy use.   The partnership brings together a range of key actors and key emitters to develop ways in which they can reduce their own carbon emissions from the use of more efficient and sustainable energy, and influence the behaviour of other organisations to do the same.  


The partnership comprises representatives from a range of key organisations and networks across the city.

  • Southampton City Council
  • Energy providers
  • Major employers in the city
  • Universities


The Southampton Energy Partnership


The energy partnership brings together organisations and businesses in the city with high energy usage. Initially sharing information on best practice and local case studies this is a partnership of organisations with the ability and commitment to take action to reduce energy needs and costs, and to reduce the carbon footprint of the city. The initial focus is to establish a response to citywide CO2 emissions reduction through a range of local projects and awareness raising activities specific to each of the partners.

The partnership will incrementally develop to cover wider environmental themes such as natural resource and water use; flood risk management; biodiversity and green infrastructure, involving other sectoral participants as a full Environmental Partnership.

The Partnership is chaired by the City Council.



Contact information

Jason Taylor

Southampton Energy Partnership

Phone: 023 8083 2641

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