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Planning Application - 18/01266/OUT - Rear of 90 Portsmouth Road

Report of the Service Lead, Planning, Infrastructure and Development recommending that the Panel delegate approval in respect of an application for a proposed development at the above address.


The Panel considered the report of the Service Lead, Planning, Infrastructure and Development recommending delegated authority be granted in respect of an application for a proposed development at the above address.


Erection of 2x 3-bed detached houses, with associated parking and cycle/refuse storage (Outline application seeking approval for Access and Layout) (Amended description following amended plans)


Jerry White, Christopher Mansbridge and Julie Doncom (local residents objecting), Robin Reay (agent), and Councillor Payne (Ward Councillor objecting) were present and with the consent of the Chair, addressed the meeting.


The presenting officer detailed the numbers of responses to the application. It was also explained that the report had not shown that the site had a previous planning history.  It was explained that in 1985 planning permission for the land had been refused as the applicant had not included details in regard to access for the site or given details of indicative design and scale of dwelling so impact on character and neighbouring amenities.  The Panel expressed concerns relating the upkeep of the access way and the protection of bollards at the end of the access way leading to St Anne’s Gardens and requested that conditions be amended as set out below.  


Upon being put to the vote the Panel confirmed the Habitats Regulation Assessment. The Panel then considered the recommendation to delegate authority to the Service Lead: Planning, Infrastructure and Development to grant planning permission. Upon being put to the vote the recommendation was carried unanimously.


RESOLVED that the Panel:


  (i)  confirmed the Habitats Regulation Assessment set out in Appendix 1 of the report.

  (ii)  Delegate to the Service Lead – Infrastructure, Planning and Development to grant planning permission subject to the planning conditions recommended in the report, and the amended or additional conditions set out below, and either a scheme of measures or a financial contribution to mitigate against the pressure on European designated nature conservation sites in accordance with Policy CS22 of the Core Strategy and the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010.

  (iii)  That the Service Lead – Infrastructure, Planning and Development be given delegated powers to add, vary conditions as necessary

 (iv)  In the event that the contribution/agreement in regard to point 2. above is not completed within a reasonable period following the Panel meeting, the Service Lead-Infrastructure, Planning & Development be authorised to refuse permission on the ground of failure to comply with the provisions of policy CS22 of the Core Strategy and the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010.


Additional and Amended conditions

Amended Condition


16. Access route improvements [Pre-Occupation)

Before the development is occupied, details of proposed improvements to the access route into the site, to include the following listed details shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. Once approved the agreed details shall be implemented prior to first occupation and maintained as agreed thereafter in perpetuity.

·  Access: The main vehicular access of the un-adopted road with Portsmouth Road shall be widened to 4.8m for a minimum of 6m (measuring from the adopted highway to the south) in order to provide a passing point for vehicles.

·  Sightlines: Notwithstanding the submitted plan DMMason Engineering Consultants drawing M.097/2 revB works to secure sightlines including demolition of existing garden walls and erection of new garden walls and piers  to be provided in order to secure sightlines of 2.4m x 90m.

·  Resurfacing: A plan to show a resurfaced path along the un-adopted road to be submitted and agreed upon. This path should be practical and usable for wheelchair and pushchair users; and for refuse collection purposes.

·  Lighting:  The safety and security of the users of the access path shall be improved by addition lighting, details of which shall need to be submitted and approved.

REASON: To ensure the development improves the access route to the site in the interests of safety, security and convenience of access.


Note the landscaping plans should include the following:

·  Driveways shall be constructed of non-migratory materials; 

·  Identify that no surface water from the site shall run onto the public highway; and

·  A paved route of adequate width shall be provided to the bin and cycle stores from the front of the houses to the stores in the back gardens.


Additional Condition


28. Bollards [Performance Condition]

The existing bollards (or similar replacement) at the southern end of St. Annes Gardens/Portsmouth Road footpath, shall be maintained and retained for the lifetime of the development.

REASON: To prevent vehicular access from Saint Anne’s Gardens along the unadopted and unclassified St Annes Gardens/Portsmouth Road footpath and thus prevent the intensification of use of the access onto Portsmouth Road.


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