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Planning Application- 18/02060/FUL - 38 Copperfield Road

Report of the Service Lead, Planning, Infrastructure and Development recommending that the Panel delegate approval in respect of an application for a proposed development at the above address.


The Panel considered the report of the Service Lead, Planning, Infrastructure and Development recommending delegated authority be granted in respect of an application for a proposed development at the above address.


Erection of a part single storey, part first floor rear extension to facilitate conversion of existing house into 1x 3-bed and 1x 2-bed flats with new external staircase and associated parking and refuse storage.


JuljanaVullnetari, Doug Wakeling, and Daniel McDermott (local residents objecting) were present and with the consent of the Chair, addressed the meeting.


The presenting officer reported that the site notice had been posted on 11 December 2018 and not 2019 as stated with the reportand that an amendment was required to the recommendation adding part (iii), as set below.  In addition it was explained that conditions 3 and 4 would require to be amended, as set out below.  The Panel requested that two additional informatives should be added to the planning permission in regard to parking permits and the addition of a dropped kerb, as set out below. 


Upon being put to the vote the Panel confirmed the Habitats Regulation Assessment. The Panel then considered the recommendation to delegate authority to the Service Lead: Planning, Infrastructure and Development to grant planning permission. Upon being put to the vote the recommendation was carried.


RECORDED VOTE to grant planning permission

FOR:  Councillors Savage, Coombs, Mitchell, Murphy and


AGAINST:  Councillor L Harris


RESOLVED that the Panel:


  (i)  confirmed the Habitats Regulation Assessment set out in Appendix 1 of the report.

  (ii)  Delegated approval to the Service Lead – Planning, Infrastructure and Development Manager to grant planning permission subject to any amendments set out below and the completion of a S.106 Legal Agreement to secure:

a.  Either a scheme of measures or a financial contribution to mitigate against the pressure on European designated nature conservation sites in accordance with Policy CS22 of the Core Strategy and the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010.

  (iii)  In the event that the legal agreement is not completed within a reasonable period following the Panel meeting, the Service Lead- Planning Infrastructure and Development be authorised to refuse permission on the ground of failure to secure the provisions of the Section 106 Legal Agreement.

 (iv)  That the Planning and Development Manager be given delegated powers to add, vary and /or delete relevant parts of the Section 106 agreement and/or conditions as necessary.


Amended Conditions



Notwithstanding the information shown on the approved drawings and application form, with the exception of site clearance, demolition and preparation works, no development works shall be carried out until a written schedule of external materials and finishes, including samples and sample panels where necessary, has been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority.  These shall include full details of the manufacturer's composition, types and colours of the external materials to be used for external walls, windows, doors, rainwater goods, and the roof of the proposed buildings. It shall also include details of how the flank wall of the retained garage will be finished.  It is the Local Planning Authority's practice to review all such materials on site.  The developer should have regard to the context of the site in terms of surrounding building materials and should be able to demonstrate why such materials have been chosen and why alternatives were discounted.  If necessary this should include presenting alternatives on site.  Development shall be implemented only in accordance with the agreed details.

REASON: To enable the Local Planning Authority to control the development in detail in the interests of amenity by endeavoring to achieve a building of visual quality.


CONDITION 4: CYCLE STORAGE FACILITIES (to require cycle gully alongside stepped access to be retained and maintained for the lifetime of the development)

Before either flat  hereby approved is first occupied,  a 'cycle gully' shall be provided alongside the stepped access to the flats to facilitate the  maneuvering of  cycles from road level, together with  secure and covered storage for bicycles. The details of these facilities shall be provided in accordance with details to be first submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. The storage shall be thereafter retained as approved.  

REASON: To encourage cycling as an alternative form of transport.


Additional Informative to applicant


1.  You will need to make an application for approval to construct a vehicle crossing under Section 184 of the Highways Act 1980. Applications can be made online via the Southampton City Council website.

2.  Future residents of the flats may NOT be entitled to parking permits to allow them to park on the highway within the permit controlled area.


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