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Closure of Kentish Road Respite Facility for Carers of Adults with a Learning Disability

We the undersigned petition the council to To re-consider the proposal to close Kentish Road respite facility which has proved to be a vital facility by offering a life-line to carers of people with a learning disability by providing them with a regular break from their caring responsibilities on a planned basis.

Reaching breaking point is not the result of caring for someone with a learning disability, it is the result of constant care without a break. More than 7 out of 10 carers provide more than 15 hours of unpaid care each day. Every family member who needs a short break should be entitled to one.The alternative if carers gave up on their caring responsibilities is state-funded care for their relatives, which would cost the government £119 billion each year.

Kentish Road in Southampton not only offers carers the chance to benefit from planned regular short breaks but also steps in when an emergency situation arises. It is also a place where people with a learning disability enjoy meeting up with familiar faces so is as much of a break for them as it is for their carers. This facility which is delivered by Southampton City Council will close on 31st October and there are still many carers who are dissatisfied that they have still not being offered suitable alternatives..

This petition is about reversing the decision to close Kentish Road until
- a clear plan has been made available on the realistic options available
- all carers have had a proper and thorough assessment of theirs and their relatives needs
- carers feel satisfied that these needs have been carefully considered and a suitable solution has been identified.

We believe that this is the right thing to do to ensure that no family carer is left without the opportunity for regular respite or cover in an emergency. This will avoid carers reaching breaking point or their health and well-being and ability to continue their caring role is threatened.

This ePetition ran from 10/07/2017 to 21/08/2017 and has now finished.

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