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UK Awards for World War 2 US Army Service Men

We the undersigned petition the council to to resubmit the recommendation to the UK government for posthumous awards for two United States Army service men based at Southampton Civic Centre during Operation Overlord in World War Two.

Major-General later Sir Nigel Holmes said that 'without Southampton we could not have done D-Day' yet because this achievement was secret it was not properly understood at the time and as a consequence many people within the city still today do not realise that the port was the 'springboard' for Operation Overlord. Making these awards the UK government would not only be recognising the sacrifice and contribution of the United States during World War Two but acknowledging the role of Southampton in a pivotal moment in world history. The awards are the OBE for Colonel Leo J. Meyer who joined 14 Major Port (Southampton) in February 1944. According to the UK National Archives (WO 373/152/443) he worked closely with the British Army cementing the relationship between both the Military and Civil Authorities. It is also recommended that Colonel Sherman Leo Kiser be reconsidered for the CBE for his work with BUCO the Build Up and Control Organisation which according to the report made by Admiral Ramsay at the time was instrumental in the success of D-Day and Operation Overlord (WO 373/152/406) but today is almost forgotten.

This ePetition ran from 27/10/2022 to 06/06/2023 and has now finished.

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