Recognition for city schools in Sustainable Travel Awards

Four local schools win medals

Modeshift STARS

Four schools in Southampton have been recognised for their outstanding contributions to sustainable travel in the city. The Modeshift STARS (Sustainable Travel Accreditation and Recognition for Schools) is a national awards scheme established to celebrate schools that have demonstrated excellence in supporting cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable travel.

Sholing Juniors, Swaythling Primary and Valentine Primary have all received silver medal awards, while St Monica Primary has won bronze. The four are all new additions to the list of Southampton schools that have already been recognised, which now total ten bronze medals, ten silver and one gold.

All of them have adopted establishment-wide approaches to travel issues and have achieved a reduction in car use on the journey to school. The number of children who now walk to and from Sholing Primary School has gone up from 42 percent in 2012/13 to 65 percent in 2015/16.

Air quality in the city is increasingly under the spotlight and every car that stays off the road helps to reduce pollution levels. Children who travel to school by car are also exposed to more pollution than those who walk. Childhood inactivity and obesity are at record highs, with less than a quarter of children between the ages of five to fifteen years old getting enough physical activity. Children who walk to school are healthier and fitter and are more likely to be physically active at other times during the week. Children who walk, cycle or scoot are often more alert as a result of an active commute and road safety skills are developed more quickly by young children who walk to and from school.

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