Improvements to Kingsbridge Lane

Kingsbridge Lane: Improvements to the street scene

Kingsbridge Lane

Working in partnership with Balfour Beatty Living Places, we are undertaking works to improve the footway, lighting, seating, landscaping and general street scene of Kingsbridge Lane. These works will take place between July and December 2017.

Kingsbridge Lane is an important pedestrianised thoroughfare in the city, connecting Southampton Central Train Station with the City Centre and Cultural Quarter. This work forms part of our wider investment in the Station Quarter.

In order to comply with health and safety legislation, Kingsbridge Lane will be closed for the duration of the works and pedestrian diversions will be signed via Havelock Road and West Park Road.

For the duration of the work, the West Park Road Car Park exit onto Kingsbridge Lane will be closed, and for a short period, access from the car park to the bottom of West Park Road will be restricted while the work is carried out around that stair well. However, access in an emergency will always be possible.

Kingsbridge Lane is an important artery in the city, particularly for commuters travelling between Southampton Central Train Station and the City Centre. For many visitors to Southampton, this will be their first impression of our city, so naturally we want this experience to be as positive as possible.

Please bear with us whilst these improvements to the street scene are taking place. We are confident that you will be happy with the results, making walking through Kingsbridge Lane an all-round better experience. View our map showing the extent of the works here.