Kentish Road respite centre update

Kentish Road closure decision

Kentish Road

After hearing from carers and their representatives Cabinet resolved that that the current service provided at Kentish Road will close on 30 November 2017. This decision was taken after careful consideration of how best to meet individual needs, ensure the highest quality service and to improve choice, now and in the future.

The council has already worked with Way Ahead, a care agency specialising in learning disability support, to create a new scheme at Weston Court, opening in December 2017, which will provide a valuable addition to other care options. Following the Cabinet decision, the council will continue to explore and develop further options, including the potential for a new service using the annexe at 32B Kentish Road.

We will continue to work closely with those carers and people who have received care at Kentish Road to provide them with information about the full range of alternative care arrangements.