Southampton City Council launch CitizEn Energy

CitizEn Energy is a not-for-profit energy provider to benefit local people

CitizEn EnergyCitizEn Energy is an energy provider established by Southampton City Council with an aim to offer fairly priced gas and electricity to residents of Southampton and other parts of the South, South West and the Midlands. By putting people before profits, CitizEn Energy hopes to keep some of the region’s most vulnerable households warm and well.

Leader of Southampton City Council, Councillor Christopher Hammond, said,

I’m pleased to announce that CitizEn, Southampton City Council’s energy y launches today! CitizEn will be putting people before profits and reinvesting surpluses back into energy efficiency projects for residents who’re living in fuel poverty. Where we collectively spend our money makes a difference and together we can work towards being a city where no one has to choose between food or fuel.

As a council we’ve spent £33.7 million in the last 6 years on energy efficiency projects. This investment has helped to save our most vulnerable residents money on their energy bills. We’re taking this commitment further by setting up CitizEn Energy.

CitizEn is a local council-run company which provides reassurance to consumers and will always work to put people on the cheapest tariffs - ultimately saving money.”

CitizEn Energy is hoping to shake up the energy market in the areas that it will serve. As well as keeping prices low, they will also be keeping things simple by offering straight forward tariffs and excellent customer service, with no confusing small print or gimmicks. CitizEn Energy hope that other energy suppliers will be forced to reform and cut their prices to compete in the southern region and beyond, so energy is ultimately cheaper and simpler for all.

Any money that is made will go straight back into energy-related projects to help improve the lives of residents. CitizEn Energy will also be working with a number of local organisations, who share their ambition of improving people’s lives within the community.

CitizEn Energy is particularly keen to help, and offer advice to, households who might be on expensive prepayment meters.

So far there has been a positive response to CitizEn Energy with nearly 500 people having already expressed an interest in signing up. In a survey conducted in August 2017, 80% of people said they would be highly or fairly likely to consider buying their gas / electricity through the council if it met their needs*.

For more information please visit our CitizEn Energy website here.

*Southampton energy supply brand survey - in total there were 1,346 respondents to the survey, which ran between 02/08/17 and 22/08/17.