Western Cycleway improvements branch out with new trees on Second Avenue

Green makeover will also help fight pollution

New trees planted on Second Avenue

Southampton City Council recently reported excellent progress in delivering its Southampton Cycle Network (SCN), the spearhead of a bold ten year strategy to transform cycling in the city.

The scheme has already invested £2.4m in completed projects, including the instalment of a new and extended segregated cycleway parallel to Millbrook Road on First and Second Avenue. These improvements are part of the wider works on SCN1 Western Cycleway, which will run from Totton into the heart of the city. The route is now receiving a green makeover with the introduction of trees along Second Avenue, as part of plans to enhance the cycling experience for those travelling into the city from the West.

The new trees are a combination of UK natives and species from North America and China. The majority are large and long lived to maximise the impact against pollution.

Councillor Steve Leggett, Cabinet member for Green City, said:

“We are committed to becoming a clean, green and healthy city. Our plan to introduce a Green City Charter is testament to that commitment and outlines measures including sustainable travel, which has enormous benefits to the air that we breathe. By providing green, segregated routes, we can deliver an attractive cycling experience to support and encourage more people to cycle safely and confidently and do their bit for our city’s air quality.”

Further work stretching along Millbrook Road East to the central station will complete the Western Cycleway by this summer. This is alongside many other projects including major improvement works on the North and East cycle freeways into the city. Read more information on Southampton City Council’s Cycling Strategy.