Southampton City Council to commence essential improvement work at Chilworth

Major improvements are to include resurfacing, kerbing and updates to the roundabout’s drainage

Chilworth Roundabout

Southampton City Council is to commence an essential maintenance project at Chilworth Roundabout this month. The £800,000 scheme, which is jointly funded by the local highways maintenance incentive fund and tranche 1 of the government’s Transforming Cities Fund, begins on Sunday 12 January and is expected to complete in March. Major improvements are to include resurfacing, kerbing and updates to the roundabout’s drainage.

The council’s Highways Partners Balfour Beatty Living Places will be responsible for the delivery of the scheme. As well as replacing the roundabout’s drainage system, they will also be altering the gradient of the roundabout so that water channels away more effectively to the drains. The work will also deliver a number of changes to benefit bus travel on the route. These are to include a new bus shelter and improved kerb alignment which will allow buses to pull in closer to the bus stop on the roundabout. We will also be extending the raised kerb line to accommodate double door buses which in turn contribute to more reliable journey times.

In addition to these changes, the work will include improvements to the shared use footway/cycleway between the northern end of Bassett Avenue and Chilworth Road. This will connect SCN5 Northern Cycle Corridor and the new cycleway currently being developed by Hampshire County Council on Hut Hill to Bournemouth Road. The scheme will therefore make an important contribution to the ongoing delivery of a safe, coherent route for cyclists travelling between Southampton City Centre and Chandler’s Ford.

Councillor Jacqui Rayment, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Place and Transport, says: “Our essential maintenance work at Chilworth Roundabout will ensure this major route into and out of Southampton is fit for the future. In line with our Local Transport Plan, the scheme also makes an important investment in sustainable transport infrastructure. This remains a key area of focus as we continue to deliver our long-term plans to reduce congestion, improve air quality and boost economic growth across Southampton. Please prepare for delays and plan ahead as we undertake this work, during which we will of course be doing all we can to minimise disruption.”

The Chilworth Roundabout scheme will be carried out over the following four phases, with different lane closures in place on the roundabout throughout each of these periods. During the first three phases, two lanes into and out of the city will be maintained at all times to minimise disruption. There may be temporary traffic signals in use on the roundabout to manage congestion if necessary. Signed diversion routes will be in place throughout the works.

Phase 1: Sunday 12 January for one week

We will be setting traffic management up on Sunday 12 January. For this initial phase, we will be enhancing the pedestrian crossing on Bassett Green Road by clearing the footpath and vegetation that has overgrown on the north side and adding some tactile paving. This will make it easier and safer for pedestrians to cross this busy junction.

To do this safely, we will close the left lane inbound to the city and Bassett Green Road at the junction of the roundabout for the duration. Traffic will therefore not be able to use Bassett Green Road to enter or exit the roundabout.

Phase 1

Phase 2: Thursday 16 January for four weeks

We will be replacing the drainage system and fully reconstructing the inner lanes of the roundabout to reduce the future risk of flooding. To carry this work out safely, we will close the inner lane on the roundabout for the duration. Traffic will not be able to go right round the roundabout coming from Bassett Avenue.

Phase 2

Phase 3: Monday 17 February for three weeks

We will be creating a shared-use footway/cycleway next to the bus lane. It will provide a link to Hampshire County Council’s work and the SCN5, creating an easily accessible walking and cycling route to/from the city. We will need to widen the footway, so the bus lane will be moved over slightly to accommodate this.

To do this safely, we will close the bus lane for the duration.

Phase 3

Phase 4: Mid-March for up to three weeks

We will resurface the roundabout overnight. As this is an arterial route to/from the city, we have programmed this phase to run overnight when less traffic is using the roundabout. This will minimise disruption and reduce the risk of congestion.

The current plan is to complete the inbound (to the city) side first and then complete the outbound side. We will update this page nearer to the time with confirmed details of this.

Full details on the Chilworth Roundabout scheme