Award given to Timebank volunteers who have exchanged over 450 hours of their time to support others

Over 10,000 combined hours of their time exchanged

Right Worshipful Mayor Councillor Peter Baillie with Timebank members

Twelve Southampton Timebank volunteers who have exchanged over 450 hours of their time were recognised at an awards ceremony hosted by the Mayor of Southampton, The Right Worshipful Councillor Peter Baillie.

Over 10,000 combined hours of their time were exchanged doing a variety of things to help others such as escorting to medical appointments, helping with lunch clubs, sharing skills and serving refreshments at the event.

Timebanking is an exchange of skills and experience, trading your skills for someone else's in order to get a job done. It is an exchange of time, an hour for an hour.

Residents can volunteer their time however they like, doing whatever they enjoy - from gardening to baking, and ironing to dog walking. It's a great way to come together with others to exchange skills and meet new people. Everyone's contribution is welcomed and everyone's skills are valued equally – one hour always equals one Time Credit, regardless of the type of transaction.

The benefits of Timebanking to an individual can be vast. It can help some of the most marginalised people feel a sense of self-worth or belonging. It can also help to build strong communities and social support networks, by bringing people together from different backgrounds, who may not otherwise meet. Generating social circles in this way can support health, wellbeing and resilience, all of which can stop medical needs arising. Examples of support which the network has provided includes helping people with shopping to enable them to eat regularly and providing a ‘circle of support’ for adults that may be socially isolated.

Right Worshipful Councillor Peter Baillie gives award to MargaretMargaret from Regent’s Park who received an award and has exchanged a total of 1075 hours since she joined the Timebank in 2013, said "I love being part of Southampton Timebank because it gets you out, you make new friends from a variety of backgrounds who I might not have had the chance to meet if I didn’t go to the groups. I have also learnt new skills that have helped me to support other people’s needs and feel a valued member of the community. In return I have had help with walking my dog, been accompanied to hospital for appointments and have been taken shopping in the city when I was unable to go on my own."

Councillor Lorna Fielker, Cabinet Member for Adult Care, said "The event is to celebrate those Timebank members who have exchanged over 450 hours and are amongst the city's unsung heroes who promote mutual support and help to relieve loneliness and isolation in Southampton. I’d encourage anyone to join the Timebank, it really is a great opportunity to meet people, make friends and get help with the jobs youre less keen on and help others with the ones you are."

At the event Mayor of Southampton, The Right Worshipful Councillor Peter Baillie, said "Timebank really is the glue that holds Southampton together and everyone has a skill they can use to help others. Well done to those who have exchanged over 450 hours of their time to help others and thank you for all of the fantastic work you are doing in the city."

For more information about Southampton Timebank contact or visit the Southampton Timebank website.