Pre-booking system introduced at Millbrook Household Waste & Recycling Centre

Residents must book timeslots to access HWRC

Hampshire Waste and Recycling CentreResidents using the Household Waste and Recycling Centre (HWRC) in Millbrook will need to pre-book scheduled time slots to dispose of unwanted waste and bulky items following the decision to join Hampshire County Council’s HWRC pre-booking scheme on Saturday 25 July 2020.

The move will ensure that residents can guarantee entry to the Millbrook site, even at peak times, while providing the council a means of limiting queueing traffic. Bookings can be made quickly and easily on Hampshire County Council’s website or by telephone on 023 8017 9949, Monday to Friday 9am to 5:30pm.

Time slots can be booked a maximum of seven days in advance and need to be made a minimum of 48 hours ahead of any planned visit. Bookings for the 25 July 2020 onwards can be made from the 18 July 2020 onwards. Residents can book up to three slots per week, with no more than two slots on the same day. Face coverings must be worn to visit the site.

15 booking slots will be available per half hour. A one in one out system is in place so timings may not be exact as vehicles will need to exit the site before entry can be allowed for other vehicles. We ask visitors to please be patient when necessary.

Site users with COVID symptoms are not allowed to visit the site until seven days after the end of symptoms. People living in a household where others have symptoms should not visit the site for 14 days from the day the first person in the household became ill. Vulnerable groups are advised not to visit sites.

Only essential journeys to the HWRC should be undertaken, with the kerbside waste collection services used to dispose of waste wherever possible.

Cabinet Member for Green City & Place, Councillor Steve Leggett, said: “Introducing a booking system for entry to the Millbrook HWRC is a step we’re taking to manage traffic flow and to reduce the cost associated with the increasing amount of waste that’s being disposed of at the site by visitors from outside of the city.

“As part of our Green City plans we are encouraging people to reduce, re-use and recycle as much as possible. As a council, we need to ensure that we’re managing the cost of disposing of waste that cannot be re-used or recycled.”