Funding to grow your business the greener way

Businesses across Southampton could be eligible for grants of up to £10,000 to make their green ideas for business growth a reality

Grant funding through the Low Carbon Across the South and East (LoCASE) programme is now available until summer 2023, with the aim of supporting businesses - specifically Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) - to become more competitive and profitable while protecting the environment and encouraging low carbon/ eco-innovative solutions. Examples of projects that LoCASE could fund include:

  • Upgrading heating, lighting, and IT systems
  • Improving building control systems
  • Investment in new plant and machinery as well as refrigeration equipment
  • Marketing and consultancy costs
  • New product development
  • Through such examples, local businesses can reduce emissions and overheads whilst also boosting their efficiency.

The recent COP26 summit has highlighted the many options businesses can pursue to reduce their carbon footprint whilst growing in a more sustainable manner. Research shows that businesses with strong sustainability policies and practices have higher staff retention rates than those that don’t as workers seek employers that place a premium on issues such as the environment and well-being.

Cabinet Member for Environment, Councillor Steven Galton, said:

“We all need to do all we can to support the UK’s Net Zero target. Helping businesses to implement environmentally friendly solutions is a real opportunity to bring about change. As with so many things, it’s making the first step that is the most difficult. With LoCASE, businesses can not only access grant funding but also other support, such as training workshops, events and direct business advice. This is a real opportunity for businesses not only to reduce their carbon footprint and become more sustainable, but crucially to become more competitive and successful too.”

Jodi Fair, Manager of the Solent Apprenticeship and Skills Hub, said:

“LoCASE offers a route to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint while at the same time reducing costs and increasing competitiveness through adopting ‘greener’ business solutions. The team at the Solent Apprenticeship and Skills Hub is on hand to support businesses in their Net Zero journey through our management of LoCASE, in partnership with organisations such as Solent Growth Hub and Hampshire County Council.”

To learn more about LoCASE and eligibility for the programme visit the LoCASE website.

You can also learn about LoCASE at our free webinar on 14 December.

Alternatively, get in touch with one of the advisers at the Solent Apprenticeship and Skills Hub through the contact form or live chat on the website.