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Relaunching Southampton Healthy Homes

Southampton Healthy Homes. A man woman and child are smiling.

This week, representatives and leaders from around the world are meeting in Glasgow to discuss progress on tackling the climate emergency. Closer to home, Southampton City Council continues to take direct local action. With partners the Environment Centre (tEC), the council is relaunching the city’s Healthy Homes scheme with additional support to help residents reduce their carbon footprint and their fuel bills.

Healthy Homes is a free service available to all Southampton residents looking for tips and advice on how they can keep their homes warm, reduce their utility bills and lower their carbon emissions. The service can help identify if residents are eligible for grants to help with insulation, modern heating systems and other measures to make their property more energy efficient.

The service is also launched in line with its Our Greener City programme that pledges to create a cleaner, greener, healthier and more sustainable city.

Councillor Jeremy Moulton, Cabinet Member for Growth, said:

“For the next two weeks the world will be watching Glasgow and, like everyone else, I’m hoping that we will see some firm progress in addressing the climate emergency. Meanwhile, it’s important that cities like Southampton continue to deliver direct, local action. We have reviewed and made changes to our excellent Healthy Homes scheme to do just that. As well as helping residents keep their homes warm and keep their energy bills affordable, this service now offers further scope to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. The service is one of many initiatives that contributes to our climate change agenda and we urge residents to get in touch to find out how they could save money at the same time as protecting the environment.”

Adam Goulden, Chief Executive at the Environment Centre, said:

“We’re here to help all residents, particularly those who need it the most. Recent figures suggest that over 11,000 households in the city are unable to heat their homes to an adequate level and we want to play our part in drastically reducing that number.”

As a city, Southampton will need to reduce its carbon emissions by more than 60% by 2025 if it is to stay on track with the government’s targets. Households are estimated to be responsible for 31% of the city’s current emissions, so improved insulation and heating in homes will be key in closing that gap.

Anyone interested in the scheme or would like to refer a family member, neighbour or customer can reach the Southampton Healthy Homes team by:

Telephone: 0800 804 8601