New improved efficiency waste collection vehicles

Council's waste collection fleet upgraded with improved efficiency vehicles

New waste collection vehicles

Southampton City Council’s City Services have underlined their commitment to the Green City Plan by upgrading the city’s Waste and Recycling fleet with six new Scania collection vehicles, featuring innovative Rotopress technology.

Each of the new vehicles incorporate Faun Zoellers’s unique revolving ‘Rotopress’ continual packing system, a rotating drum principle that provides the most economical solution for refuse collection.

The volume of waste that the new vehicles can accommodate provides greatly increased loads compared with a conventional compaction vehicle, so the number of times the collection section needs to be emptied is reduced, allowing the vehicle to stay on the road for longer periods of time, reducing overall mileage.

Other benefits of the new vehicles include reduced noise, less spillage and dust and reduced odours. Low emission Euro 6 standard engines combined with fewer moving parts make the Refuse Collection Vehicles (RCV) not only environmentally friendly but more cost effective to maintain and service.

Stewart Gregory, Commercial Director at Faun Zoeller said: “We are extremely proud to once again be working with Southampton City Council, helping to provide the city with an economical and carbon reduced solution to waste collection. This, combined with the lowest total ownership costs of an RCV in the sector, means that Southampton City Council are leading the way on all fronts!“

Fleet and Specialist Services Director at Scania, Kevin Lanksford said: "The Scania chassis selected by Southampton City Council features our state-of-the-art, low-mounted L-series cab. This offers excellent visibility, which is especially important in urban areas with high numbers of vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians. In addition, Southampton have specified our City Safe window in the passenger door, in order to further enhance safety at the nearside of the vehicle.

"The L-series also embodies Scania's commitment to sustainability, which begins at the design stage and runs right through the production, operation and maintenance of the vehicle. As such, we are confident Southampton City Council will derive many years of low impact, sustainable service from its new refuse collector."

Cabinet Member for Green City & Place, Councillor Steve Leggett, said: “As we upgrade our fleet of Refuse Collection Vehicles it’s important that we do so in a way that’s not only economical but also environmentally sustainable.

"As we decommission older fleet vehicles that are coming to the end of their working lives, we’re replacing them with vehicles that have the latest green technology, in line with our Green City commitments.”