Our ambassadors

Child Friendly Southampton Ambassadors raise the profile of Child Friendly Southampton by telling people what it's all about and how they can get involved. They champion Child Friendly Southampton in their business or organisation and across their networks whether that's through showcasing Child Friendly practice and activities or changing the ways they work to put children's rights at the heart. Most importantly they inspire others to do all they can to make Southampton a place for children and young people to thrive.

Thanks to our Child Friendly Ambassadors:


Artswork logo

"We believe in the power of creativity to enable our children and young people to thrive and build better lives."

GO! Southampton

GO! Southampton logo

"We have an ambition for Southampton to be an inclusive city that is welcoming and open to all."

John Hansard Gallery

John Hansard Gallery logo

"We are committed to welcoming, engaging and listening to the voices of all children and young people."

MAST Mayflower Studios

MAST Mayflower Studios logo

"We want young people to feel valued, nurtured and have pathways to developing their connection with the arts."

No Limits

No Limits logo

"We are passionate about ensuring that all children and young people know their worth, are supported and cared for."

Saints Foundation

Saints Foundation logo

"We are committed to supporting people of all ages and abilities across the city to achieve their potential."

Solent NHS Trust

Solent NHS Trust logo

"We are committed to the safe, meaningful and ethical participation of children and young people."

Sound Pop Academy

Sound Pop Academy logo

"We are committed to becoming an inclusive community for young people by offering high quality, impactful and memorable arts experiences."


Westquay logo

"Children are central to our aim to be the hub at the centre of the Southampton community, they are both a key aspect of our visitor base but also our visitors of the future."

If you are an organisation or business and interested in becoming or hearing more about being a Child Friendly Ambassador please get in touch with the team at child.friendly@southampton.gov.uk.